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Shallow Frying




The cooking of food in a small amount of fat or oil in a shallow pre-heated pan, or on a metal surface, at a high temperature.





Shallow frying is a skilful process that requires constant care and attention; the resulting product should be crispy and lightly browned with little evidence of fat.



Shallow frying will:

               a) improve the taste of prime foods

b) add different texture to food through browning

c) cook food quickly, usually for immediate consumption


There are four methods of frying using a shallow amount of fat or oil.

Shallow Fry

Cooking of food in a small amount of fat or oil in a frying pan or saute pan. The presentation side of the food should be fried first as this side will have the better appearance  because the fat is clean, then turned so that both sides are cooked and coloured


Cooking tender cuts of meat and poultry in a sauté or frying pan. After cooking, the fat is discarded and the pan is deglazed with stock or wine. This forms an important part of the finished sauce. Only tender foods can be used.Also used when cooking potatoes or onions when they are cut into slices or pieces and tossed in hot shallow fat or oil in a frying pan till golden brown.


Hamburgers, sausages, sliced onions, are placed on a lightly oiled, pre-heated griddle (solid metal plate), and turned frequently during cooking.

Stir Fry

Fast frying in a wok or frying pan in a little fat or oil, e.g. vegetables, strips of beef or chicken



 Quick method of cooking

 No loss of soluble nutrients

 Good colour




Only suitable for expensive cuts of meat

 Not easily digested

 Requires to be supervised


Food suitable for shallow frying


Eggs                            omelettes;

Fish                             sole, plaice, trout, cod, herring;

Meat                            lamb noisettes, kidneys, beef Stroganoff;

Poultry                         chicken sauté chasseur, chicken parmentier;

Vegetables                   onions, cauliflower, chicory;

Potatoes                       sauté, byron, macaire;

Sweets and pastries      jam omelette, pancakes;

Savouries                      croque monsieur