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Small Equipment

trussing needle.jpg


Trussing Needle

Used like a needle to “sew” up chickens and poultry prior to roasting.






 Canele Knife

A small kitchen implement, similar to a vegetable peeler or zester, with a slot and a V-shaped blade for cutting strips from the skins of citrus fruits






A small utensil with a row of tiny sharpened holes or edges at its tip for cutting strips of zest from oranges, lemons, or other citrus fruits






Parisienne cutter.jpg

Parisienne Cutter


Used to cut ball shapes from melon, potato, etc.





 demi lune.jpg



Used for chopping herbs




 Fish descaler.jpg

Fish Descaler

Used to remove fish scales prior to cooking





  Fish Tweezers.jpg

Fish Tweezers

Used to remove small pin bones in fillets of fish






 Lobster pick.jpg

Lobster Pick


Tool used to remove lobster meat from inside shells of lobster, crab, etc.




 Lobster Crackers.jpg

Lobster Crackers


Used to break (crack!) open lobster and crab claws




Garlic Press.jpgGarlic Press


Used to crush garlic to produce a fine puree





Oyster knife.jpgOyster Knife


Used to open the shells of Oysters and similar bivalve molluscs such as Ormers





Grater.jpgHand Grater


Hand held grater used for removing zest, grating Nutmeg etc.






Pestle and Mortar.jpg

Pestle and Mortar


Used to grind herbs, spices and other ingredients into a paste

















Often called a “Y” peeler – used for peeling any fruit or veg






Potato peeler.jpg

Traditional style potato peeler



Poultry Scissors.jpg



Poultry Scissors




 Fish Scissors.jpg



Fish Scissors