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The goat is a domestic animal usually bred for milk.

Many recipes and dishes use goats cheese and goat meat is regaining its popularity in the west.

Goat meat is fairly firm and well flavoured. The meat is often marinated and then roasted, grilled, braised or stewed. The male goat (French bouc) is usually only eaten as a kid because it gets tougher as it ages and is then only suitable for slow methods of cookery.

The French word for butchers is boucherie, which comes from the term for a young goat; goats were a common food for the poor in Europe. They are still commonly eaten around the world and there is something of a revival and growing popularity in the US and UK as tastes broaden

Goat Meat can be treated much like lamb. If it is young it is best eaten slightly pink, The older it is the more suitable a marinade (red wine, garlic, onions, herbs) is to tenderise and the slower the cooking should be. If in doubt braise the goat in a low oven with its marinade for several (approx 2) hours till tender then reduce and thicken the cooking liquor with a little cornflour.

Goat meat has "no smell unless it's a buck in rut just as buck deer in rut have a musk smell from the oil produced by the scent glands... young goat meat from neutered males doesn't develop any smell because the musk glands never have a chance to develop and the females that are butchered have no smell either".