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  Cold Sauces


There are a number of cold sauces in common use, either as an accompaniment to a dish or to compliment another sauce or dish.

Examples of these are as follows:


A mixture of 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar.  This may be enhanced by using flavoured oils and vinegars and/or by the addition of herbs and spices.




Simply egg yolks which are combined with oil which to form an emulsion which thickens the sauce. Other flavourings are added such as mustard.

When making mayonnaise for commercial use - it must be made with pasteurised egg yolk.  Fresh eggs must not be used.

Once made, the sauce must be stored below 5c

This can be used as an accompaniment or as a sauce in its own right.

It is the base for a number of derivatives such as Marie Rose, Tartare, etc. 



Normally served as an accompaniment with beef and smoked fish.  Uses the grated or ground root of the horseradish plant to produce a hot flavoured sauce.


Mint Sauce

Traditionally served with Lamb.  This is an infusion of mint in vinegar