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  How to make a Roux sauce


The process for making a roux sauce is often feared by many cooks but is, in fact, quite straightforward! - There are just a few simple rules which must be observed.

The recipe is also simple 1 1/2 ozs / 45g of fat and 1 1/2 ozs / 45g of flour will thicken one pint of liquid.

Select a pan which will satisfactorily hold the desired amount of liquid.  Do not select a pan which is too large as you will need to add extra fat in order to cook out the flour



Please Note:  These images show a metal whisk being used to make this sauce.  Under normal circumstances a wooden spoon should be used as the whisk will wear the side and base of an aluminium pan causing a taint to the taste of the sauce and discolouration.  In this case a stainless steel pan is being used which will not wear in the same way.




Melt the fat in the pan and increase the heat until it starts to bubble.









Add the flour and blend with the fat









Allow the mixture to cook gently until it has a grainy or sandy texture







Add some warmed liquid slowly stirring all the time

If cold liquid is added it will cause lumps to form and the sauce will not thicken properly







Mix the roux and liquid together - this will thicken quickly and may even become dough like in consistency








Add the remaining liquid and blend thoroughly

The pan should then be returned to the heat and brought back to the boil

This will "cook out" the starch and the sauce will lose the grainy texture as the starch dissolves






The finished result!

A smooth glossy sauce